How to stop eating sand

Baby eating sand. April 2005. I am currently living by the beach, and frequently take my 13- month-old baby down to the water. She really enjoys playing in the sand - unfortunately, she also likes eating it. I don't mean the occasional lick of her dusty fingers, she actually shoves the sand into her mouth by the fistful. Mar 29, 2019 · When you see your dog begin to eat dirt, approach him and scold him with a firm "No!" Wait one second, and then spray him in the face with a spray bottle. Never use hot water, or add anything to the water that could hurt the dog or sting his eyes. Never use a spray bottle on a dog that might bite you. Nursery have just spoken to me about ds1 and how he is eating crayons, sand, play doh etc all the time. He is now no longer allowed to play in the sand pit. They have stopped him from playing with crayons but he is still managing to get them and hide under the table and eat them.