Prefix conversion examples

Create an unlimited supply of worksheets for conversion of metric measurement units or for metric system in general, for grades 2-7. The worksheets can be made in html or PDF format — both are easy to print. You can also customize them using the worksheet generator provided. Looking at this scale, we can see that 2.5 Gigabytes would mean 2.5 x 10 9 bytes, or 2.5 billion bytes. Likewise, 3.21 picoamps would mean 3.21 x 10 -12 amps, or 3.21 1/trillionths of an amp. Other metric prefixes exist to symbolize powers of ten for extremely small and extremely large multipliers. The unit of measurement used for weight is gram. Meter is the unit used for measuring length, while the unit for liquid measurement is liter. To these basic units, different prefixes are affixed, which ensure that no conversion from one unit to another has to be undertaken. The standard set of prefixes are in powers of ten. pandas.Series.add_prefix¶ Series.add_prefix (self, prefix) [source] ¶ Prefix labels with string prefix.. For Series, the row labels are prefixed. For DataFrame, the column labels are prefixed.