Rare airsoft guns

SRC AK 74U Gas Blowback Airsoft Gun - $290.59. Get ready to be blown away the first time you pull the trigger of the Green Gas SRC AK-74U Rifle Blowback Airsoft Gun! The full metal construction, real wood handguard and 1:1 full scale body of this Airsoft gun give it the perfect weight and balance! The 40RD metal magazine and up to 450 FPS firing power give you the chance to unload your gun at ... Seven Serpents: The History of Colt's Snake Guns. New book by Cherry's Vice President Gurney Brown, covering all aspects of Colt's Seven "Snake" Guns. 344 pages with more than 350 high resolution photographs. Only book of it's kind and certain to be an invaluable reference to all Colt Snake collectors. No Colt library is complete without this ... Excuse me while I call BS: G&P SR-25 Sniper (Magpul PTS) - GP-AEG041 Airsoft Gun - G&P GP Airsoft and Parts UK Shop Also: the fact that a gun is out of production or hard to come by doesn't mean that it's a "Rare Unicorn Gun". Guns made in veeeeery limited runs and/or is worth it, like the Asahi WA2000, are unicorn guns.Although you can still do some damage using an airsoft gun (particularly with eye-related injuries) it is rare that a serious incident will occur. However, with airguns can be dangerous due to the more massive projectile being delivered at much higher velocities.