Ebay return label not loading

When you send your item back we recommend using tracked shipping. Adding tracking details to your return helps protect against delays or issues in the refund process. If you use an eBay returns label, tracking details are automatically uploaded. If you're using a different returns label, you should manually add tracking details to the return. Yes, you can create replacement and exchange orders from this page by clicking Return Items and following the instructions. If you received a damaged or defective item, we’ll ship you a replacement of the exact item. If you would like to exchange an item for another, you can exchange for a different size or color or for an item in your Cart. Based on your returns policy, eBay may automatically accept the return and provide a return shipping label to the buyer on your behalf. If the item is returned used or damaged, you may qualify to issue the buyer a partial refund. See Partial refund guidelines. How to accept a return Aug 27, 2014 · The return labels provided to buyers are tracked, so you can easily monitor the return of an item. You get your final value fees credited automatically (though this should really be the case with all returns on eBay – the ‘cancel transaction’ request is a ridiculous system!). If your preferences are set to automate any portion of the return process, including offering a replacement, an automatic eBay label will be sent to the buyer for return shipping. You may only use your own label in cases where you manually approve returns.